Implementation of an advertising video or corporate video. High quality after-production. Audio recording and processing of the final audio product. Complete advertising campaign.

What can you expect from us?

1. Concept and recording of a corporate video

It can be a captivating visual story with the right music, voiceover video, glamorous corporate event or personal interviews, part of your company to share your first-hand experience with the most sincere experience. There are many options. Together with you we will come to the purest form of the idea of ​​your corporate video. You can take advantage of our experience and tips on the latest trends and most successful moves in creating a corporate video and implementing it across different marketing channels. During the shoot, it is very important that the people who are shot will be prone to serenity to look as natural and fresh as possible. We know how to do this - you can see for yourself by looking at corporate videos in our portfolio.

2. Concept and shooting of advertising video, music video, event and more.

The conversion process is done in three steps:

1. Shaping a general concept in a dialogue with the client and scripting - You can count on the creativity and ideas of our team, as well as the best fit with your vision for the product / service you provide.

2. Photos - Set a shooting time that is convenient for both parties. This is the most important and difficult period.

3. Postproduction & Processing - The stage where the captured material becomes a finished video. We assemble all the elements in our editing studio - frames, animations, music, sound effects, color adjustments, subtitles, etc.

3. Digital marketing

Thanks to the marketing staff at Match Frame Studio, your video or campaign will be targeted in the most accurate way. The advantage of digital marketing lies in its clear results - a test campaign is initially made to determine the best distribution channels, and at the end of the campaign results are displayed in numbers.

4. Photography

Corporate Event Photos, Advertising Photoshoots, Product Photography, Portrait Photography, Lifestyle Portraits. Photography is such a diverse and colorful palette of categories of photos. Contact us to find out which one is best for your needs and explain in detail what it will take to get the best shot.

A quality ad video will return its investment many times over the years!

Only with quality video you can leave a memorable digital footprint among the sea of online users. Whether or not you impress your customers with stylish corporate video, spectacular brand advertising video, infographic video, animation clip, HR and training videos, explanatory films and social networking content is entirely up to you. The awesome video is from us!