Concept, recording, post production and corporate video pricing

Our goal

World class corporate video for your business! This is and always will be our goal! We are honored and proud to have been trusted by global business leaders such as ABB, DB Schenker, Billa, Tokuda Hospital, Konika Minolta, BASF and many more.

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Why your business needs videomarketing?


The video acts as an outlet for your customers. Customers see and get to know your business, products and services. Even you! This outreach by itself accumulates trust. You, though remote, are no stranger and can openly demonstrate all the values of your business. Corporate video is your messenger, your sales rep around the world, working tirelessly and tirelessly ... for YOU!

You catch the attention of customers

With video, despite the hectic daily routine of the people you want to reach, you manage to promote your services and products briefly, accurately and clearly. You manage to attract and retain even the attention of potential customers… today the focus of attention is a big deficit! The first seconds are crucial. They give the viewer an opportunity to keep watching… or not.

An investment that returns quickly

Whatever the investment in a corporate (advertising) video, it quickly returns in time, because quality (with the right message and targeted at the right target group) video attracts customers and generates profits. The budget depends on the plot. There are many factors influencing the price offer - number of shooting days and locations, shooting and post-production complexity ... each offer is very individual.

Powerful marketing tool

A one-off commercial has a long life - it will serve you for years and will be a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. The video synthesizes in itself bright and clear messages that work and fulfill their commercial mission.

Reporting and analysis

You can track not only how many times a video has been viewed, but also how many times it has been shared, by whom, and how users have reached it at all. By analyzing this information, you can find out which of your videos has more impact on your audience and what does not. This will let you know what your strong card is and you can bet on it.

Video length based on the marketing mission

A corporate video (or commercial) can be anywhere from 15 seconds to 15 minutes, depending on its function. It is a common practice to have the same corporate video as a long and short version. If the video is intended for distribution on social networks, it should be short, and if it is for presentation to live clients, it may be longer. They are in the hall and you have collected them for projection - there is nowhere to run!

Want a consultation?

Feel free to contact us for a consultation - we'll discuss video conversion options. We will offer you ideas at the script level. During the shoot, we will take care of the people in the frame to look and feel good. Throughout the conversion period (recording and post-production) of your corporate video, you will be able to rely on dialogue with our team