About us

We are professionals and we work with professionals.

Who are we?

Match Frame Studio is a creative core designed to accumulate energy for the production of audio-visual works.

Since 2010 Match Frame Studio has successfully produced audiovisual works – films, advertising videos, music videos and television productions.

The company is a leader in the production and post-production of corporate videos.

Our activities cover all stages of realization – from conceptual design, through pre-preparation, realization, post-production, to marketing inclusive. We also work in photography, graphic design and radio advertising.

The team behind our success

Our amazing team

Plamen Nikolov

CEO, producer, director, screenwriter

Georgi Marinov

CEO, producer, operator

Atanas Hristoskov

Director of editing

Velislava Kirilova

advertising, creative

Plamen Petkov

Sound Design.

Do you want your business to grow?

Leading companies rely on us to create their corporate video and advertising clip because we have the experience and resources we need. In this way we help them reach the maximum number of customers with their great products and services.