Audiovisual production and creative advertising

The video is a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. Use it to its full potential. It quickly captivates the audience and acts on an emotional level. It conveys the key message of your marketing strategy. It makes you recognizable and preferred.

We make sure your business demonstrates the value with which it improves people’s lives and businesses.

Match Frame Studio Ltd. is a trusted partner of dozens of companies. We will present your company in a communicative way, and you will be able to rely on us at any time during the process of creating a marketing or corporate video.


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Grab the attention of your customers

We know that your potential partners just need the emotional or rational impetus to get in touch with you.

Creating a video concept

What is the idea behind your video? What is its message and purpose? Who is it targeted at and what kind of activity should it encourage? What problem will we solve for our viewer? What should video be - a TV spot, an Internet clip, or a video for internal corporate use? Each of the marketing channels requires a different approach and video. If you do not have the answers to these questions - we will find them together!

Video recording and post-production

We find and offer the most appropriate (and budget-friendly) option for capturing corporate video. We work with pre-approved deadlines and a timetable. We use modern shooting technique. Video and audio processing is done in our post-production studio. Usually a week after the last shooting day, your video is already enjoying fans on the internet!

Targeted advertising and strategy

Based on our analysis and research, we choose the most appropriate channel to present to you. Good advertising strategy concentrates on reaching the right target audience - potential users instead of scattering, trying to reach everyone.

The people behind our success

One amazing team

Plamen Nikolov

CEO, producer, director, screenwriter

Georgi Marinov

CEO, producer, operator

Atanas Hristoskov

Director of editing

Velislava Kirilova

advertising, creative

Plamen Petkov

Sound Design.

Clients that trusted us

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